Where is our coffee roasted, and how?

Since 2009, all our coffee has been roasted in Brooklyn, New York. 

We used to roast on a vintage Probat 12kg from the back of our very first café in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. But after a while, we needed a bigger machine. So we fully restored a 1956 Probat 45kg, and this, along with our original 12kg roaster and the expertise of our certified Q Graders, is how we roast all our coffee that travels around the world. 

No matter which Café Grumpy coffee is your favourite tipple, you can be assured it has come from from a socially and environmentally responsible producer in one of the many countries from which we source our beans. We've taken time to develop roast profiles that bring out the specific nuances within the beans, and after roasting, we cup each batch to ensure the quality of our coffee is always consistently high.  

Try a cup, see for yourself. We're sure you'll love it.