Make Your Own Cold Brew

If you're a fan of iced coffee and you prefer to make your own, we have just the method for you.

Find a big jug – the bigger the better!

Grab your favourite bag of Café Grumpy coffee beans (tip: Heartbreaker and Momentum are both great choices for a long iced drink) and grind them all up.

Grind your beans on a coarse setting.

Assuming you’ve used one of our 340g bags, mix your ground coffee with around 2.5 litres of room temperature, filtered water.

Stir the grounds and water with a wooden spoon until completely mixed together.

Cover and let it sit at room temp for 18 hours.

Strain through a filter such as a colander or tea strain.

You now have a delicious cold brew concentrate!

To serve, cut with water (50/50 or to taste) and serve over ice. Enjoy!